NDT level-3 Services

At PetroTIES, our certified and well-experienced Level III persons will bring expertise and specialized skills to complete your assignment within a specified time period. We provides following NDT level-3 services to our clients:

Procedure Preparation Services:

PetroTIES NDT Level III consultants develop, review and approve NDT Inspection Procedures & Techniques for various methods, in compliance to your specific needs and requirements and as per applicable codes and standards.

Inspection Techniques Selection & Development:

Depending on your inspection needs, PetroTIES assists in selection of suitable equipment, non-destructive testing methods and techniques for the specific application.

We carry out feasibility study of methods and techniques suitable for the components as per applicable codes, standards and specifications or client requirements.

Compliance Audits:

PetroTIES Level III expertise can aid your company in auditing the NDT facilities/systems as per standard checklists to verify compliance & to ensure the quality control in NDT activities. Our resources can also be utilized for implementing a new NDT system at projects.



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